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The Symbol Group Blog

Welcome to The Symbol Group blog!

We hope it will become a repository for symbol-related posts to read and share. Please feel welcome to send us anything you would like to post at the


To start our blog, Wibo has supplied this pdf of the ‘Special ICOGRADA' International Signs and Symbols edition of Print magazine from November/December 1969. In it you will find articles by most of the prominent symbol designers and consultants of the time – It’s well worth a read! It also has a wonderful cover and text illustrations by Jean Michel Folon. I’ve seen copies of this magazine in both the Henry Dreyfuss Symbol Sourcebook archive at Cooper Hewitt in New York and the ICOGRADA archive at the University of Brighton.

The other pdfs are chapters written by Henry Dreyfuss and Rudolf Modley from a 1966 publication ‘Sign Image Symbol’ edited by Gyorgy Kepes. This material shows how symbol consultants and designers are making sense of the burgeoning discipline of symbol design as it comes of age during the late 1960s and early 1970s.

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